Advance Healthcare Directive

This Directive grants a power of attorney or agency which is in that the persons to whom it is given can make health care decisions on your behalf if and when you become disabled. Unlike a general power of attorney, your durable power of attorney does not start until you are determined to be incapacitated and will survive your capacity issues.

It is “special” in that it gives its holder only the right to make decisions regarding medical attention and services. The holder cannot use this power of attorney for any other purpose.

This directive may also include the power to make decisions concerning “Do Not Resuscitate” Orders, and orders to avoid heroics or extraordinary measures in terminally ill patients.

Durable special powers of attorney are often given to close family members. In the event of a medical emergency, this document can be presented to a health care service provider as written documentation authorizing the holder of the power to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to do so.

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